Saturday, September 1, 2012


I love that in just 5 minutes after leaving our house, I can be walking through bush land. I'm slowly getting back into the habit of taking time out for my photography. I have missed it.

And the fresh air and sunshine? It's glorious.


Today was pretty great with a good mixture of activities. From shopping with Sam this morning, to buy Lewy's birthday present and Fathers Day present (September is a good month for Lewy!), to meeting up with my sister and her friend for lunch while the kids played, to heading out by myself to take some photos and take deep breaths in the middle of the bush, to food shopping, to enjoying a BBQ dinner.



What beautiful land we live on.... I could spend hours lost in the bush. The fresh air, the beauty of every tree, plant and flower, the little animals crawling around, the peace. This is my kind of world.

Happy days!


Pam said...

As much as I love your photos of nature, I would rather to see pictures of your gorgeous boys and their cheeky grins :-. Which friend am I bringing along to our catch up haha (just kidding have fun)