Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Weekend

Some weekends are just perfect. Mix some stunning sunny weather, with a prayer retreat in New Norcia... it just doesn't get any better than that! (poor Lewy on the other hand may have had a slightly different weekend looking after the boys by himself!)

I headed to NN on Friday, and didn't take my camera. That's right, I DID NOT take my camera. On purpose..... I know. Long story short, this weekend was about God.. not getting the right exposure, angle, set up on my camera for the perfect photo. If I had my camera, I know myself too well - I would have spent majority of the time looking at NN through the lens. It was a hard call, but I'm so glad I left the camera behind to concentrate on the reason I was there.

I did however take a few quick snaps with the phone camera.

The prayer retreat was run by Father Anthony, one of the monks at NN and involved 4 sessions where we sat in a comfortable lounge room, seats in a circle, holding cups of tea and coffee, and listening to the lessons. When we weren't in the lessons, we had the option of attending the prayer sessions with the monks. Did you know that 7 times a day, they have set times for prayer together in the chapel? Not just any prayer, but that beautiful chanting prayer. It is so special and I really love going along to the chapel to listen. (Not at the 5.15am prayer though... eek!)

The weekend was a perfect mixture of time alone, time in the lessons and prayers, and time with others. I loved walking around the town, enjoying the fresh air.

Stunning views with the canola fields.

I sat in the Abbey Church by myself for a little while, so peaceful.

One of the sessions involved a Question/Answer session with one of the monks. In which you could ask anything you wanted. It went for 1 hour and was absolutely fascinating and inspirational.

I spent time alone in my room in the evening, sipping cups of tea and writing.

I met some lovely people and enjoyed amazing, spiritual conversations about Jesus and our journeys etc. To be able to sit and enjoy a meal with a glass of wine (made by the monks!) and openly talk about our faith and God... words can't explain.