Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 126

After staying at home most of the week, and with Lewy working today, I decided me and the  boys desperately needed to get out of the house for a bit. We started off by going to the park. I didn't take many photos as we met lots of new people and got too caught up in chatting. It was great for Sam as he had lots of new friends to play with. 

Check this out. 3 teenage boys came along and started climbing over the play equipment. See the guy right on top in the green jumper? And see Sam standing with Ted on the ground? Well Sam said to him "Get down, that's dangerous!" hehe Luckily the boys thought it was funny and ended up having quite the little conversation with him. 

Jacob was so happy crawling over the bridge... he was very pleased with himself! We got 2 steps in a row from Jacob today - he'll be running around with Sam before we know it.

Lucky Ted!

Next stop was to my mother in law's house for a cuppa. The boys had a great time, playing with the pile of toys and spending time with their Nanna... while I was able to sit back and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a good chat.

A much needed outing for all of us!

Now, don't be fooled...I wasn't gardening. I pulled out one weed purely for the purpose of seeing if it would make an interesting photo or not! Who knows.... I'm leaning towards NOT!


Got the camera out again later in the afternoon... it was too gorgeous outside to not enjoy it, so me and the boys spent time enjoying the sunshine. 

HEY LOOK! A picture that isn't of the sky, a plant or my boys!

This made me laugh... the blue shell filled with anything and everything....

Jacob was trying to crawl out, but didn't think to move his leg out of the way first.. ha!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

Photography course starts on Monday!  


Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 125

Look who I found in the garden again this morning....he wasn't so happy with my presence this time and quickly ran away down the stem to get away from the camera.  Maybe he was having a bad hair day?

I don't really like this next picture... but I'm posting it because firstly, I was telling Val about it while I was on the phone to her this morning (I'm sure she was so excited to hear all about a spider web), and secondly, it actually is a cool little web pattern. 

Sam told me to take a photo of his rock.... so I did. 


Ohhhh my.... I'm all full of romantic, warm and fuzzy emotion! Oh how I have enjoyed this afternoon, starting at 2pm and not moving far from the couch - eyes glued to the TV. Totally hooked on all things wedding! We even ended up ordering Chinese for dinner, Lewy figured pretty quickly when he got home that the chances of me moving off the couch was pretty unlikely... so take away it was!

Jacob wasn't interested in the wedding... he was more interested in trying to eat my shoe.

This was pretty much me all afternoon :) 

What a lovely day :) x

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 124

I must be in a 'photo' rut. Actually, I did take some close up photos of the plants outside, which I liked... but I'm pretty sure my readers (all 4.... who I LOVE so much :) might want to throw something at me if I keep posting pictures of the plants in my garden!

I had a brilliant idea early this morning... well, in my head it was brilliant at least. I was going to take a picture of literally everything I did today, even the boring cleaning chores.. I started out great and took a pic right in the middle of breakfast time.   That was the first and last photo I took! I got so preoccupied with another cleaning spree (this time the study and linen cupboard where in my sights).. and before I knew it, the day was almost over! So... I might save that idea for another day.

Here is the breakfast photo. I don't know why Sam is trying to take his top off, and poor Jacob is hidden by the bench, you can only see the top of his head. Full Aussie brekky = Weetbix and Vegemite on toast. (Sam requested cheese on top.. so I went with it).

I did however, take a quick coffee break once Jacob went down for a nap,  so I could finally rest my feet in the arvo and I came across this photo -  It takes my breath away. A stunning macro shot. I'm right into macro's at the moment, so I find it really enjoyable to check out Flickr on a regular basis to 1. get ideas 2. see how bad I actually am at photography and 3. basically just take pleasure in such beautiful and stunning work. Isn't it an amazing shot?!

On my wish list is a Macro lens... but wow they are expensive. One day :)


Now, I wrote that first part a few hours ago... and I know I promised no more plant photos.. BUT LOOK! I went out again (all the way to my backyard) later this afternoon to try my luck at some more interesting photos and look who I found!

That's all for today...but let me just say... tomorrow, I'm going to publicly admit it ... I'm watching the Royal Wedding! not only that.. but I'm EXCITED about it! My poor boys, they have no idea, that come 2pm the TV will be all things wedding. I might even take a photo of me and the boys, chilling out, enjoying the festivities. :) 

Very happy, organised, productive Thursday! x

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 123

Don't worry plants.. the rain is here, you have hope of surviving yet!

Not too many photos for today.. it's been a busy day and unfortunately I haven't had much of a chance to make the most of the rain by getting more water shots...hopefully tomorrow!

I came across this lady's blog awhile ago... she is a Doctor, and just published a book. She is FUNNY! I love her dry sense of humour, makes me laugh every time. 

Also another funny lady... be careful of this one.. you can waste hours looking through her illustrated stories! Hilarious! 

Okay, one last link - I promise! Check this guy out. Wow, I'm in awe of his talent, especially his HDR work. I love looking at pictures that take my breath away when I see them... this photographer's work does just that. 

Happy, busy Wednesday! x

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 122


Last day of the long Easter break... today was set aside to do some stuff around the house, handy-man type stuff (that was reserved for Lewy), and some organising and preparing for the week (that was reserved for me). We also had a nice catch up with Lewy's mum. 

Sorry tree... we killed you accidentally... :(

Oh sun, I can't get enough of you....

I seem to be washing a lot of toys at the moment! Always so cute seeing them on the line :) 

Sam and Lewy went on a trip to Bunnings... so Jacob and I spent some time outside, he ate a pear while I took photos ... my baby is so cute. Poor little guy was a bit unhappy today and wanted lots of cuddles from his Mummy. Those teeth are giving him some grief... hang in there buddy, it will pass I promise!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 121

I was feeling quite reflective this morning, as I sat outside with my coffee while the boys played. Even with having a small backyard, it never fails to provide inspiration for photo taking.  I decided .. in line with my reflective mood... to focus on the small details in the garden. To enjoy the finer, smaller, beautiful things around me, that can be so often missed in a busy day.

Ahhh, hello beautiful sun....

To take this photo of the snail, I had to lay on my belly on the rocks and wriggle under the shrubs - not easy! Sam kept saying "Be careful of the spiders Mummy!"... that is NOT what you want to hear!

And finally, the most beautiful of the small things in the boys :)

You have probably noticed... I love taking close up photos of my boys hands, feet and faces...I know one day years from now, I will look back on those tiny features when my boys are men, and be so glad that I captured them as my little boys, with their little hands, and feet and noses and those gummy smiles :) 

Brothers, sharing secrets...

Lest We Forget... A tribute to the heroic ANZACs... 25th April 

They shall not grow old,
As we who are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them
Nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun
And in the morning,
We will remember them.
Lest We Forget

from ‘For The Fallen’ Laurence Binyon