Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 96

Just when I thought I had exhausted all photo opportunities in my back yard.. this little guy comes along and all of sudden, due to crawling through the garden with Sam to get a better look at him, I find some new inspiration for photos...
I'm loving the colours the sun is creating in these photos.

The sun peeking over the garage roof...

I caught an interesting news piece on Channel 7 the other morning. This photographer, Eugene Tan, has been going down to Bondi Beach in Sydney every morning for past 12 years,  taking photos.. and then emailing the photos along with a little description/surf report to his friends. It started out with an email to a few friends, and now he has over 35,000 people who subscribe to receive his daily photos and blog piece. His photos are gorgeous, so refreshing and he has such talent. Check it out - It's really nice to receive an email every morning with beautiful photos, it's a great way to start the day. 

This morning, I let Sam use my camera and together we walked around the back yard so he could photograph anything he chose to. Oh you should have seen him! He's a natural! He was crouching down to get level with the object, taking a step back or getting in closer to make the shot, he looked like a true photographer. For a 3 year old I think these photos are pretty good!

Nice close up of Shrek's eye!
Of course.. the TV had to make an appearance in his photos...

We just got back from picking Sam up at Kindy.... the lady who runs it told me that when it was time for the kids to sit down and have their drinks and fruit, Sam got out all the bottles and put them on the table ready for everyone. He is going to get a certificate for being so helpful :) So proud!


Well that's all for now. The rest of my afternoon is going to be filled with tidying, vacuuming, washing and playing with my boys. I promised I was going to try and make my posts more interesting.. so I better stop here before I bore you all with the details of my chores! 

Happy Day!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 95

Another lovely day.... another trip to the park.

You know that great book I'm reading? I left it on the couch.....I shouldn't have. When we got home from the park, Sam fell asleep on the couch... naked of course. I saw him and thought "I should put a towel under him in case he goes to the toilet"..... I thought this too late, when I got the towel, he had already had a little accident - ALL OVER MY BOOK! Poor book.... it is now outside sunbathing. 

I need more interesting things to blog about.... I'm aware of the fact, that this might all be getting a little bit boring! Right... thinking cap on... I'm determined to come up with some more interesting things to add to my posts along with my photos! Watch this space!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 94

This morning, the chain came off Sam's bike... instead of asking me to fix it, my boy set the bike up to try and fix it himself.  I came outside and he said "it's all in a days work!" I'm guessing that saying is from one of his favourite shows 'Handy Manny'. Too cute!  Sam was very proud of his dirty hands after all his hard work....

 We had to make a quick trip to do some food shopping. What should have been a very simple trip, turned into quite the drama!

Sam was being a super-hero at the shops and flying around the aisles (that wasn't the drama, that was actually pretty darn cute!)..but it did make the shopping twice as long. When we finally got to the checkout.. all the groceries go through, bags all packed... I look in my purse - NO CARD!

Uh-oh.... I tell the check out lady that I have possibly left my card in my car, so have to go and get it. We make a dash outside when I realise that I left my card in Lewy's wallet. So I call Lewy, and thankfully he is working only 15 minutes away so said he will come and bring the card to me.

While we were waiting for him, I took some pictures ... my little angel:
Lewy arrives, and Sam was beyond excited to see him.... so of course when he had to leave so quickly, Sam was devastated and cried and cried. Poor buddy! We get back to the checkout, and the lady in line before us was waiting for her daughter to come back with some more items, so the checkout ladies suspends her order to finish off my transaction. (Have I lost you yet?!)

So what happens.......the other lady's transaction is pulled back up instead of mine, and I pay for her groceries instead. Which meant, the items had to be scanned back and refunds made, and items scanned back in and re-pay for the right shopping! 

It actually turned into quite a funny situation... 2 Coles Staff members, me and my boys, a lovely lady, with her daughter and grandson.. all having a big laugh over this "if you don't laugh, you'll cry" moment. I left the shops with a big smile on my face :) 

I tied this tea-towel around Sam's neck at home so he could fly around the house... he refused to take it off when we went to the shops. Love it!

Just for fun, I made the photo into HDR...

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 93

I'm in a particularly good mood today! It's been a very peaceful but productive day so far. It has taken me hours to clean.. not because there is that much to do.. but because after finishing one job, we've stopped to play puzzles, read books, eat and spent time outside in the water.

We spent as much time as we could outside this morning before it got too hot. Sam was a Fireman for the morning and Jacob was happy to follow him around.

This photo cracks me up.... I tried! If only I had pressed the button 1 second afterwards, they both would have had their eyes open :)
Another photo that makes me giggle... my little munchkin..

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 85 - 92

I'm back! What a week! It's been fantastic.. loads of fun. Where to even start with this post? I know I promised a massive entry, and trust me I'll be coming through with the goods! I enjoyed taking lots of photos, but also enjoyed some time without the camera as well.. a nice balance :) 

It was great to have a break, switch off for awhile, have quality time with my boys, play, read, cook and generally just be rather than do

Last Saturday night... what luck.. it was a full moon! 

I finally remembered to take my camera to the shops because I wanted to get a picture of Sam and his friend who works at the gift store. 

Helping stock the shelves...

One of the highlights of the week, was finally getting back into reading. I didn't plan it, but seen as the computer was off, it seemed a natural progression to turn the TV off as well. Which left me enjoying peaceful, quiet evenings once the boys were in bed.

I have been trying to get into a book for months now, but haven't been able to find anything that caught my attention. After a recommendation from Lewy, I started reading one of his books called 'The Pillars of the Earth' by Ken Follett. It's set in the middle of the 12th century and the focus story line is about the building of a cathedral.. sounds pretty boring and simple.. but it's completely the opposite. It's fascinating and I'm hooked! If you haven't read it.... then you need to!

Tuesday... a trip to the river.These kinds of outings are my favourite. Setting up a blanket, a few snacks in my bag, water bottles, my boys able to play as much as they want, explore wherever they want, run and crawl as far as they can... it's so freeing. 
Without fail, by the end of these kinds of outings, my boys end up either just in a nappy or undies and covered in dirt or sand....just the way it should be! Getting back to nature...

I love this captures my boys personalities so well. Jacob chilling out, sitting back, taking it all in and Sam off on an adventure, being curious and wanting to see anything and everything!

My boy is standing all on his own! This photo was a complete fluke. Jacob was sitting on the blanket, so peacefully so I thought it would make for a great photo with the background. I got out my camera, played with the settings, lifted it up, looked through the window and could not believe my eyes! He was standing there smiling at me, so pleased with his effort! He stood here for ages just grinning at me :) He is so determined to walk, won't be long before Sam and Jacob will be chasing each other around.

I especially enjoy these outings, when we manage to find a spot where no one else is around. There is nothing like it. Just me and my boys, nature, peace and quiet, birds singing, no phones, no computer, no TV.... it's bliss for me, and I know my boys love just pottering around, checking out their environment ... 

This photo is especially for Claire (I recall you saying something about liking low-flying planes? :)
To make a good week even better, me and the boys headed to Mandurah early Friday morning to stay with my parents for a couple of days.  We managed to fit in a huge amount - helping my Nanna with her house renovations, shopping, going to the beach, chatting over a coffee, crabbing, reading, resting and playing with the Telescope (or Telescote as Sam calls it) to check out the moon.  

I went crabbing with my Aunty and her husband and children. We had a very bumpy 4WD to a secluded part of the river... it was spectacular! 
We started the afternoon off with a glass of wine, while sitting on the river bank with our feet up. 

After chilling out for a bit, I was ready to have my turn at crabbing. It was great fun. I caught 3 crabs.. they were too small and had to go back to the water, but I was secretly pleased about this as I felt sorry for the poor little guys, but it was fun to have a go and enjoy wading through the water!
The beach...

Phew! There we go, I think that makes up for the week off! If you made it this far, you did well :) 

I have a lot of catching up to do... lots of emails to reply to, work to organise, clothes to be washed and a house to clean.. but in order to slowly enter back into reality.. just for tonight, I'm going to leave it all until tomorrow, and go and read my book :) 

It's good to be back...